Move your body - Still your mind

Yoga with Shona in Brighton


Weekly Classes


Thursday afternoon

2pm to 3.30

at The Loft, Upper Gardner Street

About the Classes


Classes are gentle; suitable for anyone who can get down to the floor and back up again.

Exploring movement to find stability, release tension and rediscover ease in your body.

Taking time to notice body sensations, and ending by resting in stillness and quietness.

The Loft is a light, bright and airy place to enjoy your practice.

A bit about me

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years, and I have been teaching, sometimes alongside other work, since 2000. I practised for many years and trained to teach within a tradition, which gave me a solid understanding of the aims and techniques of yoga. Over recent years I have come to feel that there are many tensions between the methods and philosophical underpinning of ancient, Eastern wisdom, and our modern, Western ways of seeing and understanding our world. As a result, I have become interested in how the techniques of yoga can be used in ways that are most useful and appropriate to our time and culture.

For myself, I am interested in practices which help me to feel at ease in my own body and mind, and hence more able to be of use in the world. Grounding, coming into the experience of the body, moving from busyness and noise towards becoming still and quiet - these are the things that help me to meet the challenges of life in our busy world, and that I offer to you in my classes.


My Approach

As this Eastern practice has been embraced so enthusiastically by the West, the word “Yoga” has come to mean so many different things that it is rendered almost meaningless. What I offer in my classes is neither a spiritual path to enlightenment, nor is it the pursuit of the body beautiful and the perfect yoga bum.

In a class, you will explore movement from lying down, all fours, sitting and standing.

Looking for support from the floor helps to release tension and enable freedom of movement, so you can feel more at home in your body. Paying attention to physical sensations lets you be guided by your own body as you approach challenges, while remaining at ease. Over time, this attention may reveal some of your more deeply seated habits of tension, and even the attitudes and beliefs that give rise to them, so you come to know yourself better. Towards the end of the class, movement gives way to stillness and an opportunity to rest in the experience of body and breath in the present moment.

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You do not have to be good...

You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves

Mary Oliver - poet


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